The Deceivers

The Deceivers: A John Wells Novel
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The African Medical deal may point to a deep connection between Ely Place and Edmonds and Groves—but four years on, Enoch would deny it in court. Sable had bought half of Southern Cross the previous year and looked set to buy the rest. Van Niekerk agreed. After all, Enoch was a respectable solicitor and Salans was a big firm.

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The shares still belonged to him and if Sable decided not to buy the second half of his company, he would get them back—or so he thought. By the end of the year, Sable had made no move for the shares and it was clear that the Southern Cross deal was off. But when he asked for all of his shares back, Enoch and Ely place refused. Over the coming months, his house would be bugged, a Sable employee would try to hack his computer and an ex-convict would claim he had been hired by Sable to kill him, according to testimony and evidence from van Niekerk and others.


Edmonds and Groves had a secret stake. As he fought Ely Place for his shares in the High Court in London, van Niekerk would also discover that Enoch and his nominee company had no intention of really acting as neutral trustees of the shares. In his witness statement, the Salans lawyer performed what seemed to van Niekerk an astonishing about-face.

That was news to van Niekerk.

The sale agreement was clear that Sable was purchasing only 51 per cent of the shares of Southern Cross, and in stock exchange announcements Sable had never said it owned more. Ely Place was colluding with Sable to take his shares, van Niekerk told the court. Sable was added to the case and Ely Place remained a defendant. In November both of them quietly settled out of court, handing van Niekerk his shares back. When Solanki tried to claim his stock in African Medical after resigning as chief executive, Enoch refused to hand it over, stoking a dispute in which Solanki and his family—like van Niekerk—became targets of intimidation.

Enoch told Global Witness that he held on to the shares to protect African Medical after it accused Solanki of misappropriating funds. A South African prosecutor declined to pursue a criminal complaint against him. Litigation documents suggest the case was settled out of court.

Global Witness was unable to reach the lawyer, George Rubagumya, for comment.

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Whenever Edmonds and Groves conned investors in their quest for African assets, Enoch and the big-name law firm Salans were on hand in London. As Sailor van Schalkwyk approached the target, he realised normal surveillance tactics would not suffice. Beating a quick retreat to Rosebank a few minutes across town, he secured the services of a street prostitute.

While she kept the guard busy, van Schalkwyk slipped quietly past to complete his reconnaissance. In he was with notorious Cape Town mobster Cyril Beeka on the morning he was shot. The following year he was working for new bosses: Phil Edmonds and Andrew Groves. The duo had a problem that needed taking care of: a share dispute with another Sable Mining executive, Heine van Niekerk, had turned sour.


There had been talks but he was not responding to their persuasion. Like other enemies of Edmonds and Groves, van Niekerk would remember his first encounter with Stoltz. It was the start of an increasingly unpleasant relationship. For now, there was nothing for van Niekerk to do but go home.

Four days later, Stoltz emailed a photograph of van Niekerk to an intermediary, who forwarded it to Sailor van Schalkwyk, according to a court filing. It was a shareholder dispute that should have been settled in court. But for Edmonds and Groves, it was personal. Andrew Groves had just arrived on the overnight flight from London. In a disciplinary inquiry brought by Sable against van Niekerk, and later in a telephone interview, Stoltz confirmed that he worked for Edmonds and Groves and that he had recruited van Schalkwyk.

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His breakthrough came a couple of weeks later: van Niekerk had put his house up for sale and was holding an open viewing. Roberts telephoned van Niekerk, who rushed home and searched the house. A similar box was attached to the underside of the bed in the master bedroom, he testified. I provided Stoltz with the numbers of all the bugs, which enabled him to listen to van Niekerk's conversations. Not long after the bugs appeared, the emails started. The email contained an offer to step in and mediate with Groves.

Attached was a draft letter suggesting a cash settlement. But the attachment was suspiciously large—too large to open, in fact. Two hours later Linnow emailed again. Just click on it.

On 14 February van Niekerk received a visit from the police, accompanied by Sable computer expert Michael Theron. After Edmonds and Groves fell out with a business partner, bugs were found in his home. It took four days to get it back. Suspecting tampering, van Niekerk turned it over to forensic experts.

One of the hacking emails was sent from the same address given to Global Witness by Stoltz in a 5 April interview.

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The Deceivers is a adventure film directed by Nicholas Meyer, starring Pierce Brosnan and Saeed Jaffrey. The film is based on the John Masters novel of the same name regarding the murderous Thuggee of India. The Deceivers is a adventure film directed by Nicholas Meyer, starring Pierce Brosnan and Saeed Jaffrey. The film is based on the John Masters.

Global Witness asked Stoltz if he sent the hacking emails. When Global Witness contacted van Schalkwyk, he declined to say exactly what that meant. Global Witness has seen a transcript of the conversation.


Both Sable and van Niekerk filed criminal charges against each other in South Africa—Sable for theft of its data; van Niekerk for conspiracy to commit murder. In both cases, authorities declined to prosecute.

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Edmonds and Groves had a secret stake. In November both of them quietly settled out of court, handing van Niekerk his shares back. In London, Sable shares went through the roof. The Globe and Mail 3 Apr D. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. The Times of India 6 Nov 2. BioEnergy Africa—later renamed Sable Mining—also struck its first deal close to home.

Stoltz says the state prosecutor saw the ex-mercenary as a questionable witness. He was certainly a questionable person for Sable to hire. One agreed to meet only in the presence of armed security, only to cancel half an hour before the appointment. Four people said they feared for their lives. It had all started that spring, when her husband, African Medical Investments chief executive Vivek Solanki, decided to query some odd-looking payments.

The business was flourishing. The pair had agreed to buy the two clinics at a price based on their profits. Soon after, Ana noticed she was being followed. When she left the house to take her year-old daughter to school, white men in dark glasses would be waiting in a car outside, she said in an interview with Global Witness. One officer vented his frustration by kicking a gym ball into the swimming pool, she said in a signed affidavit seen by Global Witness.

By the time they left after three fruitless hours, the policemen and African Medical men were laughing together and slapping each other on the back. Meanwhile, the threats continued:. He likes John Grisham novels and Hannibal Lecter. Ana complained to the police. In she received a reply. Her husband flew in from Zimbabwe. Arriving at the station around 4pm, the Solankis were shown into an office and told to wait. After some time, a door opened and Stoltz appeared. Instead of being given the chance to identify him, the Solankis themselves were locked up.

They spent the night in the cells and were released the next morning. Heine van Niekerk eventually put his confrontation with Edmonds and Groves behind him, winning a case for wrongful dismissal and striking a deal with Sable to buy Delta Mining back. I deeply believe in that. Somewhere down the line, that belief changed. A decade after playing his last first-class match in , the England spinner had fallen in with Andrew Groves.

It became a partnership in which money was everything and fair play counted for little. On 8 April this year, Global Witness wrote to Edmonds and Groves with over 60 questions on the allegations in this report.