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Find out more about cookies or view our cookie policy. Every firm will have one or more persons responsible for directing its affairs. For example, each director of a company incorporated under the Companies Acts will perform an FCA governing function.

The Association CEO Handbook

A sole trader does not fall within the description of the governing functions. Each of the FCA governing functions includes:. This does not apply to the non-executive director function or the function described in SUP 10A. The effect of SUP 10A.

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SUP 10A. It does not apply to the director function if the only part of that function that the FCA-approved person is performing is the function described in SUP 10A. If a firm is a body corporate other than a limited liability partnership , the director function is the function of acting in the capacity of a director other than non-executive director of that firm.


Depending on the legal governance framework applicable to your organisation, there are minimum requirements and standards in relation to responsibilities and duties of a Company Director or Committee Member and other Officers. Officer of a Company: In accordance with the Corporations Act means:. Do Board Members demonstrate an interest in the business of the organisation outside Board Meetings to facilitate their knowledge and understanding of the business affairs of the organisation? The ACH Workbook contains exercises to use what is taken from the Six Elements to analyze and improve the operations and direction of your current association as well as to focus more clearly on how your current position aligns with your career goals. The Nine Domains overcomes this limitation by providing elements that are often overlooked or devalued.

If a firm is a body corporate other than a limited liability partnership , the director function is also the function of acting in the capacity of a person :. Examples of where SUP 10A.

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A director can be a body corporate and may accordingly require approval as an FCA-approved person in the same way as a natural person may require approval. If a firm is a body corporate , the non-executive director function is the function of acting in the capacity of a non-executive director of that firm.

Handbook on CEO–Board Relations and Responsibilities

If a firm is a body corporate , the non-executive director function is also the function of acting in the capacity of a person :. However, 1 does not apply if that parent undertaking or holding company has a Part 4A permission or is regulated by an EEA regulator. This paragraph explains the basis on which the director function and the non-executive director function are applied to persons who have a position with the firm's parent undertaking or holding company under SUP 10A.

What the FCA governing functions include

Association CEO Handbook (ACH) breaks the association CEO position into six separate elements, each with its own set of parts and pieces, so you can learn. The Association CEO Handbook (ACH) offers the sitting CEO a top-down, all-​around look at associations and what CEOs do in them-the boundaries of the CEO.

The basic position is set out in SUP 10A. As is the case with all controlled functions , SUP 10A. This means that unless the firm has an arrangement permitting the performance of these roles by the persons concerned, these persons will not be performing these controlled functions. Therefore, the FCA accepts that there will be cases in which a person performing these roles will not require approval.

However where there is such an arrangement the function may apply. The chief executive function is the function of acting in the capacity of a chief executive of a firm. This function is having the responsibility, alone or jointly with one or more others, under the immediate authority of the governing body :.

For a branch in the United Kingdom of an overseas firm , the FCA would not normally expect the overseas chief executive of the firm as a whole to be FCA -approved for this function where there is a senior manager under him with specific responsibility for those activities of the branch which are subject to the UK regulatory system. In some circumstances, the person within the firm responsible for UK operations may, if the function is likely to enable him to exercise significant influence over the branch , also perform the chief executive function see SUP 10A.

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A person performing the chief executive function may be a member of the governing body but need not be. If the chairman of the governing body is also the chief executive , he will be discharging this function.

How to become a CEO (step by step)

If the responsibility is divided between more than one person but not shared, there is no person exercising the chief executive function. But if that responsibility is discharged jointly by more than one person , each of those persons will be performing the chief executive function. Note that a body corporate may be a chief executive. If so, it will need to be approved 5 to perform the chief executive function.

American Planning Association Announces Joel Albizo as New CEO

If a firm is a partnership , the partner function is the function of acting in the capacity of a partner in that firm. But the time has come, and I firmly believe it's the right decision for me, and for ABA. As part of the selection process, a description of the position will be finalized and approved by the search committee, and Isaacson, Miller will begin conducting interviews with a variety of association stakeholders to identify the challenges and opportunities ABA and the new CEO will face in the coming years.

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