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Another customer blew the head off a 7mm Rem mag case in his Model 70 and then forced another round into the chamber with a mallet.

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And shot it! So help me. Hell of a shoulder bruise. Remington examined it, removed the case remnants, polished the chamber and returned it, gratis. This initial posting should not have been sent into the wild without giving PSA a chance to comment. I should have taken better care of myself when I was Lots of shouldas in life.

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March on! I bought an AK kit from them and had a problem with some of the parts. Things were not as advertised, long story short I called the company several times and spoke to some really uneducated, uninformed associates who did not know how to fix a problem and were unwilling to try. I was told I had to wait for the AK guy to come into work. They would not tell me what country the Ak parts came from. Now I only buy ammo or stuff if they offer free shipping. Mine as well. A little fore thought, labeling goes a long way.

Or you can get those fancy magnets. There was a story and picture months ago or so about someone shooting a blk in their Palmetto State Armory 5. Wonder if this was the one!!! Here is the best place to show evidence. If you cannot go directly to the store then post on their facebook page and in these gun blogs first.

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By his sophomore year, he was 6'4" and dunking. Driving Directions. Pence's plane never took off. In the recovery world, a term exists for the addict's mind-set under the drugs' spell: insane thinking. Want to Read saving…. Hope had a no-football policy. While PSA is different from ford and my company I get it.

It gives them a chance to rebut your story in a public forum. But do not feel too bad. You do know what gets criminals jail time? Their own mouths. I sent the upper back and got it re-barreled. Next upper? Same problem.

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To accommodate the longer handguard, I also got a low-profile gas block. Exasperated, I finally asked the individual on the line how many PSA products had suffered similar issues and the guy said that PSA had never had a warranty claim before.

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  • Customer Testimonials | Palmetto Pros - Tree Removal & Trimming Company — Palmetto Pros.

I had to laugh out loud and ask why, then, I had been on hold for half an hour with the warranty department? Their hammer springs are routinely so weak that failures to fire are to be expected. Repeated blows to the primer would dimple it but never set it off. Looks to me like an out of battery discharge causing a case head separation.

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I would posit incorrectly sized brass or a chamber obstruction preventing the cartridge from properly chambering. Just my opinion, I could be wrong. Manufacturers often go above and beyond to replace kabooms. They are damaging PR and the manufacturers generally would happily send a cheap for them part and a few nice emails to make the PR fiasco go away quietly. Beside the owner acknowledging a probable brass failure, the visible evidence also suggests that the bolt and barrel did hold together.

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No blown gun here; just escaped pressure damage. Would like to have read and heard the nature of all communications to PSA before faulting them for not replying. Have been doing business with them for a few years and the only problem I have had is one order took a while to ship. Maybe this guy should change hobby…. I have fired tens of thousands of handloads that I made thru all of my guns and never had a problem.

If this was factory stuff…or remanufactured, he should be griping to the ammo company.

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Poor design as they eliminated one of the two allen screws to put in the extractor. They did offer to replace the bolt, but I just replaced the screw myself. The bigger question is this, does PSA make their own parts, or do they source them from the same manufacturers as all the other AR companies? Too many variables. The publishing of this article by TFB surprises me. Exploding firearms, bad ammo, and poor customer service have been posted before.

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However, Steve, Phil, and many others have previously done a stand-up job fact-checking questions, concerns, and legitimate gripes in the past. Those posts come with quotes and comments from the direct sources — complainant, and company.

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This post does not, so does not pass the smell test IMO! No identifying Paul P. There is no apparent effort to contact Palmetto State Armory directly for comment, explanation, or rebuttal. Palmetto State Armory is one of a handful of companies I trust and use on a regular basis for quality AR rifles, uppers, lowers, parts, and ammo. I have over 25 transactions with PSA, and they have all been very positive.

Responses were fast, professional, and courteous.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Mary Beth Pastorino was born in a small town near Mobile, Palmetto Blew - Kindle edition by Mary Beth Pastorino. Palmetto Blew [Mary Beth Pastorino, Kembirley P. Henderson, Timothy Brooks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Detective Anise Porter is.

One time, I had recently received an upgraded credit card with the chip. I get two emails, and finally they called me direct on the 3rd day when I had not responded missed emails. One, a. In the last few years I have bought several PSA uppers and lowers. My lowers will not freely drop Lancers mags empty or loaded. All it takes is an inquiry and waiting. Some reasonable the for a response. Should there not be a response it sound be mentioned that they were at least contacted and did not offer a response.

A story should be balanced to give the reader a fair chance to make a judgement. The owner said he thought it was brass failure in the article above — an ammo problem. The cartridge failed, not the gun. It appears that the case head separated under extreme pressure. The pressure was severe enough to rupture the bolt carrier, and damage the gas seal rings on the bolt head piston.