Obras poéticas. Tomo III (Edición de la Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes) (Spanish Edition)

Hispanic Studies and Researches on Spain, Portugal and Latin America
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Submit an article Journal homepage. Victor Dixon Trinity College Dublin. Pages Published online: 26 Jul Article Metrics Views. Os deseamos a todos unas felices fiestas y un maravilloso Instituto Cervantes in Dublin is now closed for Christmas. We are back the 5th of January. We wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful ! See you soon! Sun, fiesta, good food, culture, sport, tradition, friendliness and cordiality.

Do you need any further reasons to learn Spanish? How about these ten you can find out on our website?

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Enjoy language and culture in Spanish at the Instituto Cervantes. Enrolment is now open for our winter courses! Cielo negro , de Manuel Mur Oti, nos presenta a una protagonista con una vida arruinada por la desgracia. Mur Oti es un director ambicioso en sus temas, si bien siempre se mueve dentro de las normas del melodrama. Las dos triunfan utilizando, sin embargo, tonos muy diferentes. Thriller, crime, melodrama and comedy of manners are the genres selected for this cinema series, in which we can appreciate the contribution of directors setting the foundations of a new cinema in Spain in the fifties.

This series includes the works of two European directors who settled in Spain: Hungarian Ladislao Vajda, who worked extensively all over Europe and Italian director Marco Ferreri.

'Al otro lado del idioma'. 15 años de la Fundación Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

The Directors and films were chosen to showcase the innovation in the narratives and themes in the Spanish cinema of that time. The fifties was a period for change in European cinema, for co-productions and for different audiences to approach the seventh art that became a cultural shelter after WW2. Spanish cinema, although controlled by the state, takes inspiration from the European and the American models and lives its own renovation.

Mur is an ambitious director with his themes -although they are always within the melodrama genre- and very expressive in its cinematography. They both succeed using very different tones: El Pisito paints a society through subversive elements and La vida por delante is an intelligent comedy of manners that suggests a lot more than is expected from this light genre.

Darker cinema for darker times; do not miss a series of productions which managed to communicate the complicated social climate and constraints of their time. Press release by: Miriam Abuin prendub cervantes. El 5 de noviembre a las 7 de la tarde. Entrada libre hasta cubrir aforo. Reservas en: reservas.

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This is an exceptional occasion to enjoy and approach the original text in the voice of one of the best actors from the current Spanish theatre scene. Please book your ticket at reservas. El 25 de octubre.

Hispania. Volume 75, Number 2, May 1992

A las Entrada libre. This Saturday, Instituto Cervantes offers you the opportunity to experience some of the finest classical theatre plays from the Spanish Golden Age.

In conjunction with CNTC the National Company of Classical Theatre, as per its initials in Spanish we are proud to present this programme which showcases three significant works in the form of dramatic reading performed by some of the most gifted contemporary actors in Spain. The audience will have the chance to enjoy these masterpieces in a unique performance that will combine artistic creation with educating in the appreciation of classical theatre.

Each performance will feature a musical backdrop by Juan Carlos de Mulder.

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Text by: Miriam Abuin prendub cervantes. La fuerza con que la historia que se nos cuenta nos atrapa se debe, en buena medida, a las magistrales actuaciones de Laia Marull y Luis Tosar, su pareja protagonista. Instituto Cervantes continues the cinema season with the essential works of female Spanish directors.

El perro del hortelano gathered numerous awards and the acclaim of critics and public at its release. Locations such as the Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira Lisbon, Portugal and the exquisite costume design would delight the audience. The impact of the story owes also a big deal of credit to the performances of Laia Marull and Luis Tosar Cell , as the protagonist couple.

Entrada libre. ISLA from Irish, Spanish and Latin American Literary Festival welcomes well known and emerging writers and other personalities with a strong connection to the literary world from these three traditions.

  1. Visor de obras..
  2. Hispania. Volume 72, Number 4, December 1989.
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The last discussion of the day will be dedicated to the cultural and literary legacy of Mexican author Octavio Paz. The panel will be followed by a poetry reading in English, Spanish, Basque or Galician. Both documentaries focus on the personal lives of these Nobel Prize winning writers. ISLA is a multilingual and multicultural event for those who enjoy reading, translation, poetry, short stories, memoirs, travel books or novels. Text by: Miriam Abuin press officer, prendub cervantes. This course will run for twelve weeks. In it we will delve three fundamental aspects of the modern flamenco guitar:.

The different roles of the ensemble will be divided according to the level of each student, we will make a small flamenco party of each class!!! Es pintor, escultor y, con obras en papel, trabaja sobre diversos formatos. Entrada gratuita. Julian Aragoneses is a Spanish artist, who currently lives in Dublin. Painter, sculptor, he works on various formats.

He believes that the evolution of the role of art reveals contradictions regarding what a work of art should offer us today. Society spends little time and passion in the contemplation and understanding of works.

source url It is indifferent towards a deeper comprehension of new artistic proposals, scientific research or any other facet of human knowledge. The result is an unsatisfactory meeting between the creators and the public and a conformist consumption of sensationalist technology and art. On the other hand, what is the learned, the collector, the art lover seeking? An investment, a confirmation of theories, snobbery, decoration, transcendental experiences, meaning…?

Hispania. Volume 74, Number 2, May | Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

What does a society and individuals expect of art when they search for nothing themselves but expect everything to be given to them without effort? The works selected for this exhibit intend to confront the spectator with these questions: false expectations, questioning the media, ignorance, inert technologies, contradictions, ironies…. Free Admission. Del mismo modo, nuestro centro ha aumentado la oferta de diplomas DELE, con los niveles A1 y B1 Escolar, y las nuevas convocatorias de abril y mayo.

During the year, we had a good number of students in our general and special courses for adults, young adults and children. Our library has focused its efforts in promoting the new online resources in our e-library.

Early years and family

Its support to our cultural programme has been central to the celebration of the Isla Festival of Literature. Moreover, the library was also responsible for editing and publishing our second bilingual e-book: Biblioteca Literaria , a book with interviews to sixteen of the writers who participated in our cultural activities.

The library managed our social media as well. Through our Facebook page, we are constantly in contact with more than friends more than in , while our followers on Twitter are almost , compared to nearly thousand registered in And our video channel in Youtube, with over interviews edited and subtitled in English and Spanish, has reached views over 30, during the last 12 months. The cultural activities programme of the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin is a benchmark for the dissemination of Spanish culture in Ireland. In the literary field, we highlight the success of the second edition of the aforementioned Isla Festival of Literature that brought together 16 writers from Spain, Ireland, Argentina, Cuba, Chile and Mexico for three days of panel discussions, readings and other activities.

Instituto Cervantes Dublin collaboration with the Latin American embassies in Ireland has resulted in a comprehensive programme of cultural events. Our exhibition hall is a meeting place open to dialogue across disciplines and cultures.