Its Only a Metaphor: The Story of Reverse Speech

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Slang and verbal irony, on the other hand, make the writing seem much more informal and youthful although they can have the opposite effect when misused! Finally, other figures of speech, like idioms and proverbs, allows a writer to draw on a rich cultural tradition and express complex ideas in a short space. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.

It’s Only A Metaphor - David Oates

They annoyed me because they were the only hole in my theory of Speech Complementarity. For example the reverse phrase could sometimes contradict the forward phrase or it might say the same thing. With prompting, it can also detail methods that will alter that behavior according to desired outcomes. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Linguistics portal.

This is one of the most famous metaphors ever crafted in the English language. Shakespeare uses his extended metaphor to persuade the audience of the similarities between the stage and real life. But rather than making his play seem more like life, he suggests that life is more like a play. His metaphor calls attention to the performative, creative, and fictional aspects of human life.

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Its Only a Metaphor: The Story of Reverse Speech - Kindle edition by David Oates. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets​. IT'S ONLY A METAPHOR. By David Oates. An autobiographical account of one man's life. The fascinating, spine tingling truth about the things we say (or don't).

But the feast of the mind is a highly original metaphor. Like many proverbs, this one draws on a simple metaphor of chasing rabbits. The rabbits can stand in for all sorts of objectives, from jobs to relationships, but the coded message is quite clear — focus your energy on a single objective, or you will likely fail.

This literal statement, though, is quite dry and not terribly memorable, which shows the power of figures of speech. She may or may not be literally short, but the figure of speech applies either way though it could easily be taken as belittling and derogatory. This is an example of irony.

It’s Only A Metaphor

In a bumbling effort to rescue people from the floods, the authorities accidentally spill oil on the flood waters and set it on fire, making the situation far more dangerous. Patreon This is a common form of metonym in foreign policy and news media. The capital city of a country is used as a metonym for the national government. The talks, of course, are not literally between these two cities, but between the leaders and government officials of the two countries US and Cuba.

Language is generally divided into two categories: literal, and figurative. Literal language relies on the real definition of words and phrases, or their literal meanings. Figurative language, on the other hand, relies on implied meanings, which can be understood differently depending on the location or who is using it. All figures of speech rely on the use of figurative language for their meaning.


Sarcasm is mocking or bitter language that we use to express different meaning than what we say; often the exact opposite. Slang is language that uses atypical words and phrases to express specific meanings. Only now think about the order and progression of your images: will you give one per line, or weave them into sentences? You can follow the same pattern for a whole host of subjects. Does the poem turn out differently when your starting point is something more physical, like water, or an acorn? If you invite a friend or two, you could make a game of it.

see url Print or write out the words in these two lists, then cut them up and place them in two separate bags. Draw out a slip from each one and make a metaphor out of their combination:. Some pairings will go together more readily than others, but the element of chance is the point here. The task is designed to push you to make unlikely comparisons outside your normal comfort zone.

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Follow where these associations lead, whether they gives rise to just a couple of lines or the kernel of a whole poem:. His faith in him was not the paper umbrella you pluck from a beach margarita and save for years in a desktop pencil pot despite its fractured staves…. Her website is sarahhowepoetry. Loved the article. In the phrase love is a light bulb, took a turn for me it does not compare the two using like, but instead is.

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Songs Played Backwards Have Hidden Meanings

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I. What are Figures of Speech?

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Figures of Speech: Types, Simile, Metaphor etc with Examples and Videos

Lips need nat. Aghdam does appear to be transgendered or may be a tranny male to female. She complained that the number of her viewers decreased. There may have been a sexual business going on connected to her Youtube Channels. Related to intelligence work, cat can also be a reference to sexual mind control programming.

Metaphor: Bridging embodiment to abstraction

Lips are to communicate most likely to a live national audience. So, there seems to be other stuff going on behind the scenes related to the Youtube channels she had where Youtube views were assisting her in some way. F4: [People like me are not good for big businesses. R4: Assassinate people. Books are not him sorrow be. So, makes me wonder if this person was, in fact, being targeted and used in an MK Ultra type intelligence program to assassinate and then self-terminate. The Youtube Shooter appears to have been a TargetedIndividual who was targeted by Mossad as a test to see if they could get a human being to change gender and diet among other behavioral changes, become an assassin, then self-terminate.

Reverse Speech will always find what happened in these cases eventually, however, because nothing is invisible to our spirit and Source that sees everything that we do and communicates through our living voice with every word we speak from the timeless, multidimensional part of our being. Intelligence programs HAVE to be reined in globally. Here is an interview with a former MI-5 officer who tells us that Mossad bombed its own London Embassy in order to get the UK to pay for an upgrade in security.

What kind of intelligence connections does Youtube have in this regard, I wonder? Here is an intelligence agency mind control experiment survivor testifying about being trained to be a mind controlled spy assassin. Could this be what happened to Aghdam? Video Format. What is Reverse Speech? Under 1 Hour. Here is my April 7, show including Reverse Speech basics, how to find them on your own, reversals on Steve Pieczenik, John Kerry revealing cabal info in his Antarctica speech, the death of Max Spiers, and Cabal World leaders fake crying to get public support to allow weaponized migrants into their countries along with regular migration.

Under 1 hour. My audio segment starts at 54 minutes into the video.