A Son Called Gabriel

A Son Called Gabriel
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McNicholl is a graceful writer, and his is a worthy debut. Agent, James Levine. View Full Version of PW.

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PW's Best Books of As an example, Lynch picks on Gabriel at the funfair. Gabriel is stripped by the bullies and saved by the girls—who he plays with at school. The book is full of childhood smut, like this. In this respect is a lovely nostalgic read, children certainly being more innocent than they are today.

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As would be expected in the time and place, religion plays a strong part in the book, and Gabriel is buffeted between the Church and his family when he learns the confusing facts of how to deal with confession. His family are every piece as important in this, and I came to know and love and dislike! Anyone with a largish family will be able to take something away from this, the nice grannie, the not so nice grannie, the embarrassing aunt, the brother no-one talks about… and so on.

The book ends with him just about to leave Ireland for London, and it seems perfectly set for a sequel. I think many people will find something to take away in this book—especially if they were raised in the s and 70s. Gabriel is a sensitive and intelligent young lad who is mercilessly bullied throughout school. Perhaps because of his unconscious knowledge that he is different, he is able to see the world around him more for what it is.

His emotions and feelings as they conflict with his religion, and the fear he will be rejected not only by God but his family are powerful and real. His family are very concerned about what their neighbours will think, never mind how their son felt. Sometimes I wanted to give certain members of his family a good slap for being so small minded. The family dynamics, the relationships between Gabriel his parents and his siblings, between himself and his friends and the bullies are some of the things in this book I particularly enjoyed. They all felt very real and I enjoyed how they developed and changed as Gabriel grew up from being a child to a young man.

His changing perspective and understanding of his family and himself as he grew up were subtle and very well written. It is an easily accessible and well written book overall that makes for some easy, though not too light reading. Gabriel is a wholly likeable character and you want to follow him and see how he gets on after the novel has ended. That is to me, always the sign of a good book.

I was disappointed by this book. I'd seen it compared to At Swim Two Boys, presumably because it's set in Ireland and has a gay protagonist, but really the two books have nothing at all in common. ASCG doesn't even read like a novel; it's more like one of those rather worthy over-detailed confessional affairs, in which everything that's there is there because it happened and not because it makes much narrative sense. There's very little narrative sense to be had in this book, in which one thing follows I was disappointed by this book.

There's very little narrative sense to be had in this book, in which one thing follows another and, well, that's it. The author says it's not autobiographical and I suppose we have to believe him, but it has the feel of barely digested truths, as though the authority of the book depended on its authenticity. I wasn't convinced. I found it shapeless and over-larded with whimsical but unnecessary detail.

It cried out for editing. In other words, I didn't like it at all. Nothing new to be learned from this one. Every cliche under the sun woven together and not particularly well. Feb 11, Idit Bourla rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Damian McNicholl and A Son Called Gabriel

To view it, click here. I gave it 5 stars, although it was not perfect. I shall start with the things I did not compel with in the novel. I wanted so badly for Gabriel to fall in love with someone and actually make his lust come real. It was also a big role in his changing, because all over the book, he is got no one, he even ends up alone although he got himself a girlfriend. Second of all, I kinda felt Gabriel did not receive an appropriate ending with his identity issue.

He did not I gave it 5 stars, although it was not perfect.

He did not have the TALK with his actual father, which was quite a character and did not fully admit whom he really attracts to. It was kinda in the air. Maybe that was the author intention, and if he it did, he should have writing a squall. However, I gave it 5 stars by all the means.

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Book News. Learn more about how Verizon Media collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data. See details for schedule. Contact Phone: E-mail: info BookWeb. Gabriel's voice was often a pained one and I felt it easy to empathise with his adolescent pains. He sounds like an a stiff grown-up in his conversations with his grandmother, parents, relatives

I loved everything in it, especially the settings of magical Northern Ireland of the 60's and 70's. I loved Gabriel and his adorable family; I even liked his abusers, like Henry, Noel, etc. They were all thoughtful, interesting characters.

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I loved the light writing and the story. It was emotional and lovely. Jan 31, Cami rated it did not like it. I feel like I've read a different book than the one advertised. As in, I was lead to believe this was an enjoyable, gay, coming-of-age story.

It's really not; as I saw another review say, it's more of a "these things happened, and in this order," with no real effect on the plot. And it ends awfully.

http://api.vinylextras.com/canon-6d-experience-the-still.php If taken at face value--and the author has not given us any reason to believe it shouldn't be--this queer young man believes he's going to be happy in London with his girlfriend, and that he's "leavi I feel like I've read a different book than the one advertised. If taken at face value--and the author has not given us any reason to believe it shouldn't be--this queer young man believes he's going to be happy in London with his girlfriend, and that he's "leaving for a new beginning," and is looking forward to no longer being queer.

What kind of bullshit is that? Anyway, I read it over the course of a few days, and I'd classify it as a slog. I would recommend not wasting your time.

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Sep 20, K-dizzle rated it it was amazing. This is a very well written book which really brought the struggle of growing up different to life. The language and the way it was able to convey a whole plethora of emotions is quite a rare quality. Jun 26, Patrick rated it liked it. Every gay stereotype is served by the main character.

Why are gays in books always afraid of hard work, want to be a hairdresser, are not into sports and are members of a drama clubs. Beside that, it's a nice book. Dec 28, Kristi Pinderi rated it really liked it. Emotional, sincere, funny, colorful, sad! It felt as if I was reading about myself: all fears, uncertainties and inner challenges brought back my own experience, as if I was living it again. For that reason I found it to be powerful and a "must read". Dec 31, Julie Barnard rated it really liked it.

Not easy though.

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Although this book is predictable, I enjoyed the last quarter of the book and how it explained things and have hope for the future. Jul 29, Ella rated it it was ok Shelves: mixed-feelings , bad-blind-snag , meh , don-t-hate-me-for-hating-it , lgbt-miscellany.